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Great Diorama by Stefan Beck !

Znalazłem super dioramę zbudowaną przez Stefana Becka w skali 1:35 . Efekt wody jak i malowanie figurek jest powalające ... A lot of informations from website of this modeller... ,,Somalia, Horn of Africa, battered by civil war and economic mismanagement. Since 1991 there is no government, local warlords and clans rule the country. In this situation, many Somali fishermen, who live on the ocean coast, see their only hope in modern piracy. Equipped with fishing boats and easily available weapons, they board freighters to hold them to ransom from the shipping companies. The waters around Somalia are an important route of international freighters, so good prey is found rather quickly. Das Boot (no, not U96) In 1/35 there is no fishing boat available, even in the wooden-ship-modeling scene, I got no results ... conclusion: I have to scratchbuild. First step is the classic approach of a rib construction, planked with "Evergreen" strips. Outboard motor-My scale modeling colleague Thomas Hufnagel (thx) told me that, if searching for some outboard motor, don’t forget the toys section, with a little luck you get what you want. Fortunately some googling later I found a set. But what a disappointment, after close examination I had to massive rebuilt and detail the motor to get a good looking replica. Maybe a complete built from scratch would have been the quicker way, but who cares :-) Finishing the motor with decals from "Tamiya" makes the boat ready ... Pirates-Well, pirates are still underrepresented in the figure scene, so scratchbuilding is the only way. Fortunately "Hornet" offer a set with 5 African style heads, but I need 7, so I had to modify 2 European heads. Next I modeled the basic structure ("Miliput") with correct dimensions and hands and bare feet ("Historex"), additionally I mounted the heads. Wellington boots and sneakers are modified "Dragon" items. Now body details and clothing is sculpted with "Magic Sculp", doing bandanna and hair is the last step on the figure. Accessories-As always the devil is in the details, just pirates and a boat is a bit boring so we need accessories. "PlusModel", "Accurate Armour" and "Voyager" provide the eyecatchers. Other things like grappling iron, fenders and paddles are self-made, the tarps are made of "Magic Sculp", and all the ropes are dyed strings. OK what’s left, right ... painting'' GALLERY :

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